The Power of YouTube

In just the time it takes you to read this sentence thousands of YouTube videos are being watched across the globe. YouTube has quickly established itself as one of the main forms in which people watch their favorite content. YouTube videos on mobile devices alone reach more 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the U.S.

There is a noticeable shift occurring in how people consume media. No longer do we have to wait to watch content on live TV broadcasts, more and more people are turning to on demand videos. According to Google, 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to TV.

YouTube is the king of on demand content with videos on literally anything and everything one can think of. As the way people consume content changes so must the way advertisers operate. YouProduce Studios can provide your business with a revolutionary new way to take advantage of the changing video landscape. Reach & connect with your targeted audience online. Google has found that users who are merely exposed to TrueView YouTube ads are 10x more likely to interact with your brand.

Target Your Ideal Customer

Work with us to create a custom YouTube marketing campaign that will not only put every single cent of your budget to use but also ensure that consumers who show interest in your product or industry will be shown your ad. We can target YouTube users based on location, interests, age, & gender. Want to advertise to YouTube users living in Boston who are interested in home improvement? We can do that. Want to promote your concert hall to YouTube users between the ages of 18-39 in Brooklyn? No problem. Your campaign can stretch across state lines or focus in on specific streets; it’s all up to you.

Create the Right Ad for You

Already have a commercial you would like us to use for your YouTube campaign? Great! We’re more than happy to use existing footage. We also offer full video production services so you can produce the perfect ad for your brand. You will work with our creative team to script, block, & create your advertisement or video.

Full Video Production & Graphic Design

We can create any type of video or graphic work needed for your business. Want to produce an informational or promotional video instead of a pure commercial? We offer flexible video production packages that will be right for you.

Track your advertising budget

Once your new video is approved & your campaign begins you will be provided with weekly reports on the status of your YouTube campaign. You will be able to track how much of your budget is spent per week & the number of impressions, full views, & direct clicks to your website. This data will consist of weekly reporting as well as the full scope of the campaign over its full duration.

Google AdWords Text Ads

YouProduce Studios also offers paid Google AdWords text ads. Instantly reach the top of Google searches for your targeted keywords. Paid ads allow your business to appear as a text advertisement on the top of specific google searches pertaining to your brand or general business. Our certified Google AdWords experts can sculpt a campaign to your liking; we can cast a wide net in order to maximize overall exposure or fine tune for more high quality leads.

Learn More

Interested in learning more about YouTube advertising or text ads? Contact us today & start creating a campaign that is right for you.